Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Baloch and Balochistan Pictures

Baloch Little girl collecting wood's parting for cooking in Balochistan

Baloch Boys and Girls Student are perfoming on Balochi National Anthem

 Baloch Old Man Are showing there power for defence of Balochistan

Baloch National Hero Mir Brahumdag Bugti on Mountain of Balochistan

Baloch National Commander with Baloch Sarmachars

Baloch Little Girls with Camel

Baloch boy collecting grass for his animals on donkey

Baloch little girls are thinking about Free Balochistan

Baloch peoples ar collecting woods near Sui Gas Field

Baloch young boy on camel collected grass's

Balochistan view of After Flood (2010)

Baloch Boys are perfoming on Balochi national anthem

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